It’s In The Water

Oh my, the mayor of a Peruvian town has stumbled across what he believes to be the reason for an increase of gays in his area.It’s all to do with the local water supply and the presence of the metal Strontium in it. Mayor José Benítez has warned residents of Huarmey, during the opening of a local water project, to expect more homosexuals because Strontium reduces male hormones. Evidently he remembers a TV program a few years back which claimed the town of Tabalosos, which is now the water source for Huarmey, has a population of predominantly gay men. Oh what would he know. Scientists say the metal, which occurs naturally, can cause bone cancer, anemia or cardiovascular complications when consumed in very high doses but won’t turn your son gay.


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4 responses to “It’s In The Water

  1. Sounds like similar water problems in Fairy Face land…hmmmm …pill time…

  2. susi spice

    Now wat this dude should do is start a pilgrimage tourist trip to his town… Let’s make da money babyyy

    U got the catholics with their statues that “bleed” blood why not this???? Call it Happy Water and send it to the boys in DC with compliments hehe

  3. My first thought is that this guy must be planning to get rich selling bottled water. My second thought is that if he puts that picture of Richard Simmons on them, they’ll sell like hotcakes! 😀

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