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11 responses to “Spare a Thought

  1. I am thankful for friends and family.

    • I’m thankful for your visits 🙂

      • Fairy Face

        Lol you should be we’ve been visiting long enough. In fact I need to share some sad news with all of you. My Jan who you know has not been well for some years passed away yesterday morning. He had an enormous struggle the last six days and sadly it was time to go. I’ll miss him madly but I’m happy as I know that he’s out of that hell he was in. He was incorrectly diagnosed with Alzheimers which actually turned out to be ABI from a car accident many years ago. This then brought on FTLD. Hewas badly knocked around ther head and the most recent CT scans showed lots of damage on the right side of the brain. Damage that you can expect from a car accident or some kind of trauma. As we age the brain atrophies and you can get problems. If there’s a problem then it gets much worse. I used to joke that he wasn’t normal and danced very much to the beat of his own drum.He was an architecutural and structural designer who delighted in spending other people’s money. You guys have kept me sane at times and this blog was my daily fix during times of stress and for that I thank you all. After his funeral I’ll be able to go back home and move on with the rest of my life .

      • Oh I am so very, very sorry FF. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

        Funerals are the toughest. I have just returned from one.

        Rest in peace Jan.

  2. Do you celebrate thanksgiving? Do you do it the same time we do?

  3. susi spice

    I am thankful yada yada yada pass the turkey and pumpkin pie please

  4. Thank you.

    : )

    Happy Day to you and the turkeys there.

  5. Ann- our thought and condolences go out to you and your family. The Loon was right when she said that you were developing quite a following on this site. Your strength and attitude are an inspiration to all of us. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

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