Stink Ink

My, that is large!

Oh my, a warning to anyone who allows “artist discretion” when getting a tattoo. Make sure he doesn’t tattoo a big pile of steaming dog poo on your back with flies buzzing around it. I’m just saying! Poor Rossie Brovent from Ohio asked her then tattoo artist boyfriend to tattoo a scene from the Narnia trilogy on her back, unaware that he had discovered she had cheated on him with his best friend. Hmm, now she has a big pile of excrement for her troubles. She is now suing him.

Psst Wasn’t that a scene from Narnia? Hmm, maybe not!


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16 responses to “Stink Ink

  1. I’m no expert on the law, but it sounds like “justice served” to me! Hmm, I wonder what justice has in store for the “best” friend? 😯

  2. Hmm, I bet he used up all the brown ink 😦

  3. Cmon…that WAS a scene from narnia. The part about the Bear shitting in the woods.

  4. Ha, this story was in my draft folder last night to be finished and posted today. Then this morning before I could do so, a quick scan of my sources for weird news came across this claim that the ‘story’ is a load of crap ! 😦

  5. D-oh! The guy at the tattoo shop told me mine was original!

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