Toilet Roll Thieves Foiled


Oh for crying out loud, three men have been arrested after they stole a dozen rolls of toilet paper from a New Mexico restaurant. Not to worry, the rolls were returned to their rightful place.


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9 responses to “Toilet Roll Thieves Foiled

  1. That’s what happens when you get greedy and go for more than half a dozen rolls at once.

  2. Hopefully it wasn’t a New Mexico MEXICAn restaurant!!

  3. priscilla

    What is it with toilet rolls? When I owned a B&B in New Zealand, guests would always take the toilet rolls when they left. Cost us a fortune in toilet rolls !!!!

    • The only time I ever stole a roll of toilet paper from a hotel was in Moscow because the place where I was staying had cut up magazine pages (shiny paper) as toilet paper. It was in 1991 when things weren’t going so well for the Russians. As it was near impossible to wipe my butt as it kept sliding off, I went into a hotel toilet and stole a roll. It was hardly much better. Like pink sandpaper 😦

      • fairy face

        Same in Poland. They sell it to you going into the loo. Two sheets of wee shiney bits of paper.One big guy we know said to the WOMAN minding the loo,” HAVE YOU SEEN MY BUM ?” but on Polish. Sounds so much better. lol

  4. fairy face

    Well it was New Zealand after all. It;’s expected that they take anything that isn’t nailed down. It’s what they do lol.

  5. Don’t these men have jobs?!

    That’s where you steal your toilet paper from. I thought everyone knew that.

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