Scary Snowman Gets Frosty Reception

Freaky snowman  picked on the wrong guy. Hello, it was at Jersey Shore for goodness sakes, what did you expect? Might want to put some ice on it !



Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, That's Gotta Hurt, Whoops!

8 responses to “Scary Snowman Gets Frosty Reception

  1. My goodness, you think that snowman was a Krampus!

  2. If you were on Google plus you would have seen it last week..bwahhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahah

  3. Androgoth

    So he got it right in the cubes then Loon 🙂 lol


  4. fairy face

    That poor kid was sent flying. That’s an assault right there!

  5. Why…
    I’m almost starting to think that wasn’t even a real snowman!

  6. That bloke is too highly strung & I wonder if he got in trouble for knocking the poor little girl over. Bet he wouldn’t have punched if it was made out of molten lava

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