Christopher Hitchens Meets His Maker, Maybe?

Controversial and outspoken author and journalist Christopher Hitchens has died of cancer aged 62. Hitchens loved nothing better than picking a fight, or two,  with political rivals. Amongst his best trade mark put downs he described Bill Clinton as a “cynical, self-seeking ambitious thug” and Mother Teresa as “a lying, thieving Albanian dwarf”.  Hitchens believed that “The real axis of evil is Christianity, Judaism, and Islam” and later in his book, God Is Not Great, he expanded on that to include “all religions”.  Love him or hate him he was a man who spoke his mind and he will be sorely missed. RIP Christopher Hitchens.


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6 responses to “Christopher Hitchens Meets His Maker, Maybe?

  1. I’m ignorant of who he was, but he sounded like a funny guy! I like what I read about him here at least. 🙂

  2. susi spice

    Hope he packed his bermuda shorts cause where he is going its going to be HOT

  3. Fairy Face

    I was just reading before that the soul only weighs 21 grams so he needn’t pack too much.

  4. I chuckle when I think of how he always used to refer to Princess Diana as “the Spencer girl.”

    You GO, Hitch!

  5. Can’t argue with his “Axis of Evil” logic! 😀

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