Reindeer in a Can Sold Out

Get your reindeer pate here!!

OK, here’s the thing animal rights protestors outraged over the sale of cans of reindeer pate, try not making a big  who-ha about it because now they have all friggin sold out! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals launched a scathing campaign against the UK department store Harvey Nichols for selling one of the most popular symbols of Christmas as a food product. They were particularly disgusted at the packaging which claimed the contents are a  “farm-raised relative of Rudolph” Result? It has now become the must have item for Christmas.


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5 responses to “Reindeer in a Can Sold Out

  1. Sorry Loon, I can’t stop laughing long enough to type! 😆

  2. I’d hate to hear what they have to say about the canned elves they sell.

  3. I’m odd enough o actually try a can. 🙂

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