Christmas Miracle


Nothing can get you out of a 2 month coma faster than the words “live organ donor”. Doctors at a Arizona hospital were just hours from taking Sam Schmid off life support, believing him to be brain dead after a serious car accident and had even discussed putting him on the donor organ list, when he began moving two fingers. Sheez, talk about cutting it close! Now the college student is expected to make a full recovery. Fa lalalalala la la la la.

Want sauce with that?


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2 responses to “Christmas Miracle

  1. Fairy Face

    Holy shit, poor guy must having been packing himself. By the way I wonder how Molly is doing? Nothing else about him in the papers.

  2. Just got off work, so I’m brain dead at the moment.
    I need life support, in a cash flow kinda’ way.
    Can’t wait for Christmas to be over. Working all the holidays, so that makes it a little nicer. Since I’ll be at work, I don’t have to pretend to be enjoying myself.
    Maybe I’ll donate organs for next Christmas.

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