Incoming Toxic Satellite

Hey loons, remember me talking about that Russian satellite Phobos-Grunt? You know , the one expected to crash to earth anytime soon! Well, about that, seems the friggin thing is full of seriously toxic fuel making it one of the most toxic falling satellites ever. Oh and there is even more great news. The friggin thing could crash Down Under. Assume the crash position Aussie loons and don those hard hats until further notice.


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7 responses to “Incoming Toxic Satellite

  1. Sheesh Loon, you guys have sure been taking a lot of crap down there lately. But on the “bright” side, maybe those yogins will produce more of those weird creatures you guys are so famous for! 😯

  2. Wombies, put on your helmets!

  3. Sucks for you, Aussies. What kind of “toxic fuel” was this? Probably plutonium knowing those damn Ruskies.

  4. Scholar Mel

    Do people even live in Australia? Well, I guess if they do, they won’t after this thing falls 😉

    Just one more way that the “USSR” is trying to take over the world.

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