Loon Summer

Attention people, a small community announcement. The loon is currently at the beach frolicking in the sun. As you know that means friggin poor Internet connection. So apologizes in advanced for the sad lack of images as I am posting from iPad.No one can hear you scream in cyber space!


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15 responses to “Loon Summer

  1. The lack of images isn’t nearly the bummer your being “at the beach frolicking in the sun” is. We’re expecting snow tonight! 😯

    Enjoy it Loon! 😀

  2. charlene

    Which beach????

  3. Griffin

    The Loon is just showing off posting on an IPad from the beach!! This old man is setting in his easy chair reading her posts on my new IPad!

  4. Tell the truth…you are attending Kim Jongs wake

  5. don’t worry about the lack of pics, loon – we can use our imagination to add our own 😆


  6. What bearman said. Was for sure you were there.

  7. Must … not … imagine … Loon … in … swimsuit

  8. Fairy Face

    The Austrians are presently in WA and she just called me and talked all through The Bold And The Beautiful as she does and just ruffled the water a bit to let me know she was in the pool. That’s ok casue I went to the lake to feed the ducks. Tourists everywhere??? All a fishin and a swimmin~~~~~~. SNAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lolol I was tempted but I didn’t lol. Tomorrow is going to be 26 and that’s ok. Next week are are headed fro a top of 37. Loon you are lucky you are in WA nobody can see you in bathers lol. Paul Keating said we’re the arse end of the world and he was right. Can Google Ear…… oh never mind

  9. Beach? I didn’t even know they let you out.

  10. Try not to get any sand in your iPad, Loon.
    That stuff gets everywhere, you know.
    And have a WONDERFUL time!

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