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Karaoke Is Deadly

and now the end is near I face the ......

Oh my, William Oller Sr (70) told his son ‘I’m going to shut you up’ before grabbing  a gun and shooting him 4 times. Reason? His son wouldn’t stop karaoke singing on his karaoke machine. Oller Jr (50) was shot in the shoulder, head, arm and chest, while Oller Sr managed a bullet to the leg. No word on what Oller Jr was singing.

Psst Oller Jr will live to sing another day.


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Trivia Helmets on Loons

Which artist has the most number of his works stolen?

According to the Art Loss website, that would be Pablo Picasso. Currently there are 1,147 of his paintings registered as stolen, missing or disputed. Next is American artist Nick Lawrence who has 557 stolen works,  third place goes to Marc Chagall, with 516 stolen works ….and so on…. Karel Appel (505), Salvador Dali (505), Loan Miro (478), David Levine (343), Andy Warhol (343), Rembrandt(337) and Peter Reinicke (336). Sheez, keep an eye open at Trash and Treasure!!!

Psst Oh and 40% of these thefts occured in Britain.


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The Shit Barefoot Runners Say

Ahhhh gravel !!!!

Compliments of the Invisible Shoe Guy.


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Worst Neighborhoods in the US

OK loons, here’s a list of  neighborhoods you pray to hell you don’t ever breakdown in.

The  ten most dangerous US neighborhoods

10. Church Hill in Richmond, Virginia
9.  Route 352/Scyene Rd, Dallas , Texas
8.  Forest Ave./41st St, Kansas City, Moussouri
7.  Warford St./Mount Olive Rd, Memphis, Tennessee
6.  Bales Ave./30th St, Kansas City, Moussouri
5.  North Ave./Belair Rd, Baltimore,
4.  Beaver St./Broad St, Jacksonville, Florida
3.  7th Ave./North River Dr, Miami, Florida
2.  State St./Garfield Blvd, Chicago, Illinois

and drum roll please, the most dangerous neighborhood in the US is

1. Central Pky./Liberty St, Cincinnati, Ohio …. where the chances of becoming a victim this year are 1 in 4 . Sleep with one eye open Bearman!!!!


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Too Good To Be True

OMG, I got in!!!!

Um yeah, about that Vasser College acceptance letter, whoops, sorry, computer error, we bad? About 254 applicants who logged onto to the college’s live admissions web site mistakenly  received an acceptance letter. The college sent apologies with their  denial letters a few hours later.  Talk about messing with the academically challenged.


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Snake on a Face

If you have ever thought of getting a python as a pet, take heed. A woman in Wisconsin was at a book club meeting when she decided to take  her friend’s python out of its terrarium for a little play. Next thing she knows Annie the 4ft python has latched itself onto her face . The serpent refused, point blank, to let go of her right cheek until its owner appeared. I’m guessing we all know the moral of this story!!!


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Hey, give that girl her shirt back!

Following the epic 6 hour Australian Tennis Open battle  between Novak Djokovic and Rafa Rafael Nadal in the early hours of this morning  , the victor, Djokovic,  walked over to the crowd and threw his shirt to a young girl. Watch as another fan  snatches it from her grasp, faster than a rat up a drainpipe . Nasty!


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RIP Colin Tarrant

The actor who played inspector Andrew Monroe on the long running British series The Bill has died from an apparent suicide. Colin leaves behind a 6 month old son. Sad.

Psst If you are feeling down, please contact a helpline.


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Tag, You’re It!

OMG, a 6 year old snowflake has been accused by his California elementary school of sexual assault while playing tag with his best friend . Evidently, during their little romp in the playground Oswin brushed his friends leg/groin. Next thing he knows , he’s in the principal’s office, where he is plonked  for two hours until he confesses. The principal then suspended Oswin and placed a sexual battery charge on his permanent school record. Can they do that, without police involvement? It wasn’t until the parents lawyered up did the Hercules school remove the claim. Needless to say Oswin is playing tag at another school.

Psst The snowflakes should be grateful they weren’t playing Twister!!!


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Flight of the Century


In the red corner we have boxing legend Mike Tyson and in the blue corner we have Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth , in what surely will be dubbed the mismatch fight of the century. Hold your horses people, this isn’t a boxing match, it’s a pigeon race. The two have entered the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race in South Africa where 3,479 pigeons are vying for the chance to be crowned best friggin homing pigeon of the year. The first bird to make it from Hopetown to Sun City (342miles) wins. The Queen has entered just one pigeon, Royal Desire, as the other five were picked off by bigger birds and eaten during training sessions. Tyson on the other hand has several birds entered. No one dares eat his!

Psst Surely Lizzie could have popped down to Trafalgar Square and caught herself a few more?


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