The Mountain Dew Mouse Clause


Ewh, ewh, ewh, a man who claims he found a dead mouse in his can of Mountain Dew may have an uphill battle proving it after Pepsi Co are adamant the rodent would have dissolved to jelly long before the drink touched his lips. Ronald Ball, who is suing the soft drink giant said he bought the Mountain Dew from a vending machine in 2009 but when he took a swig he instantly tasted something foul and spat the contents out. Low and behold what he spat out was a dead mouse. Mr Ball sent the remains to the Pepsi company who did the usual tests but concluded that the mouse would have dissolved in the soft drink had it been inside from the time of bottling to when he drank it. Oh dear there goes that $50,000 he was seeking in damages. As for Mountain Dew….it can dissolve a mouse?


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10 responses to “The Mountain Dew Mouse Clause

  1. The potty gardener

    Hey who said mountain dew is fattening…I reckon if it. Can dissolve flesh like that they should be selling by the TUB full rather than cans or bottles…a good soak every day could do wonders for the thighs…it’s all in the marketing!

  2. I wonder how many mice I have drank. 😦

  3. Surely the mouse’s stomach would’ve been intact because it doesn’t dissolve our stomachs??? $5000 for swallowing a mouse stomach perhaps???

  4. Maybe there’s a Mountain Dew rodent immersion fiend operating in my neighbourhood. I often find mouse entrails on the doorstep in the morning.

    I’d better check the cats’ beds for empty bottles and MD bottle caps.

  5. If there was a mouse in the can, how did it come out of the little opening? I mean, maybe some fur or something, but the whole mouse?

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