Bad, Bad Kitty

Two pet kittens , Jesse and Dora, are the potential culprits in a Greater Manchester house fire which caused £250,000 of damage. Investigators believe the felines walked across a touch sensitive cooker when left home alone by their owners, setting off the blaze. Both little kitties died in the inferno.


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5 responses to “Bad, Bad Kitty

  1. A touch-sensitive cooker? Somehow that doesn’t sound like a very good idea. Why not make a spontaneous flame thrower as well?

  2. Fairy Face

    Oh how sad ~ poor puddy tats. Never head of a touch sensitive cooker!

    • Probably a good thing FF. Hey, did you get your Chrissy music? I got mine thank you 🙂

      • Fairy Face

        Yes Tiile wold be right oln to it .You should get my card today. I can’t work it out , it’s not the usual USB . doesn’t fit my computeer, phone or anything. Any clues?

      • OK FF, you push in the color thingy all the way and the USB thingy pops out and then you stick it in the port (Sandisk this side up). It works (I have three of the suckers).

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