Rapper Floored

A wannabe Aussie rapper who in 2006 fell through his lounge room floor, down to the ground below,  has failed in his bid to sue the Department of Housing for discrimination. Wayne Douglas, who weighed 250kg (550lbs) at the time, claims that the property was unable to support his weight thanks to termite damage (and his weight) resulting in the mishap. The court argued he was free  to refuse the property. His case was dismissed.

Psst Mr Douglas still lives in the house by the way…..”I am still in the house, it is still shit.”

Want sauce with that?


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9 responses to “Rapper Floored

  1. I hope he writes a rap song about it…

    “My house is shit so I had a fit, but I got dismissed.
    It shouldn’t matter that I’m fat and I fell on my cat.
    Word out!”

    Do rappers still say,”Word out?”

  2. Someone fix the hole yet?

  3. Fairy Face

    No, hole in da floor
    Can’t stay no more
    Fell on my head
    I could be dead
    This shit hole stinks
    Man I’m a jinx
    Must lose da wieght
    or goin in a crate.

    Sorry I was getting carried away.. I’ll get on with ma day… Oh God I think I’ll be rappoing all day…

  4. Fairy Face

    No I don’t watch much telly at all. Just SBS and the ABC too many nappy commcercials obviously.

  5. Androgoth

    Did he mean the house, or Rap?
    Well we all know
    what rhymes with Rap 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

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