Oh for the love of B grade movies, a relative unknown actress is suing the Amazon’s Internet Movie Database (IMDb) website because….wait for it….they revealed her age. Dear god, NO! Yep, Junie Hoang, who is 40, claims the only way the website could have found out her real age is by obtaining it from her credit card details. She is suing for a million dollars in damages because she believes she has lost out on job opportunities due to “Hollywood’s” stigma against older actresses. Hmm, shouldn’t you be suing HOLLYWOOD, love? Originally she filed the suit anonymously in fear of being blacklisted but a judge ruled she she must use her real name or the case would be dismissed. One of her supporters is the Screen Actors Guild who say “Thousands of actors have had their careers harmed by the unauthorized publication of their birth dates by IMDb against their wishes,”

PSST  Seriously, if by 40 you haven’t made it in the industry I don’t think it is due to any website. And anywho, why didn’t she just contact them and asked for the info to be removed? Now the whole world knows she the big  4 oh!


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12 responses to “Who?

  1. Fairy Face

    I friggin wish Loon lol . Silly wench !

  2. Twat should be sued for lying about her age when applying for jobs… Silly mole JUNIE HOANG is 40…yes 40…40…40…40 years of age…sue me you ugly OLD bat…. Next.

  3. Guarantee movie producers aren’t trolling IMDB to find actresses.

  4. She should sue VISA as well! And the DMV! And the hospital she was born at and her birth certificate! And her Mom for snitching!

  5. izziedarling

    She should sue the entire world – and then exit stage left. Just kidding. Not really. Happy New Year, Loon!

  6. I would kill to be called 40 🙄

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