Faster Than The Titanic

Seasoned tourists and people who had seen the movie Titanic knew exactly what was going on the moment  they felt the shudder on the Costa Concordia Cruise Ship. OK, there was no iceberg, but a reef can pretty much do the trick. Seems the luxury liner which was cruising near the island of Giglio hit a spur in a reef tearing a 100m gash in the hull.   Within minutes the cruise ship with over 4,000 passengers on board began to list, things began falling and the lights went out. During the ensuing panic the captain and first officer abandoned ship. They have both been arrested. Meanwhile 41 people are still unaccounted for.

Psst Is it me or are you all humming “My heart will go on”?


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11 responses to “Faster Than The Titanic

  1. Certainly hope those missing will be found alive.
    You’d think with all the modern electronics, sensors, and navigation equipment aboard these things couldn’t happen any more.

  2. I’m with Binky. How in God’s green earth did that happen? That would just scare the hell outta me.

  3. fairy face

    It’s you Loon .

  4. fairy face

    He should have been wearing poloroids.

  5. Judging by the reported size of the hull breach, and the pictures of where the ship lies, I’d guess that they drove through that narrow gap with way too much headway. Note also that both the Captain and the First Officer were found ashore BEFORE any of the passengers got there. That means they knew they’d done wrong. Pure negligence. There are going to be loads of lawsuits over this one.

  6. Androgoth


    No not your posting I mean that
    Captain and his First Officer 😦

    Androgoth XXx

  7. I heard a report from the BBC that this could have been disastrous if it had happened in deeper waters.

    It would have happened in deeper waters! The reef would have been to far below to cause damage.

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