Step Away From The Juice

OK, I really hate being the bearer of bad news but you might want to avoid drinking too much OJ as it may contain a Brazilian fruit concentrate, which is being blamed for birth defects. The cheap Brazilian concentrate contains high levels of the fungicide carbendazim, and has caused alarm bells a ringing in the US  over potential heath risks.

Psst More bad news, 95% of orange juice in Australia contains it.


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7 responses to “Step Away From The Juice

  1. Isn’t that just like a big manufacturer. Spending brazillians to make our food safe and then…

  2. No wonder it is $8 a bottle now

  3. For some reason I am not too worried…

  4. I only ever drink freshly squeezed orange juice because I have always been suspicious about the taste of the manufactured stuff. The manufactured juice always taste the same, even if it says “fresh”. That should be impossible to achieve.

  5. I drink way too much OJ. Maybe this explains a few things. . .

  6. fairy face

    Who decides that they are going to add this poison and why isn’t picked up when they supposedly check what’s in what ? When will this kind of crap end and will they ever be held accountable? Geez I just can’t believe it. Thank God I don’t like OJ, gives me indigestion

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