Wikipedia Turns Into Pumpkin At Midnight

Now what?

In a protest that  will to horrify ever student around the world, Wikipedia is shutting down for 24 hours in protest of the new anti piracy bills (SOPA and PIPA).


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8 responses to “Wikipedia Turns Into Pumpkin At Midnight

  1. I’m shutting down my website in protest, too!

  2. How do I get this blog to go black…bwwwwwwwwwhahahahahahha

  3. Ok, I signed the petition. Now turn the damned blogs back on!

  4. I couldn’t figure out how to go black so I am still up.
    I also signed the petition.

  5. I shut down the computer overnight in protest. I’m also thinking of shutting down the fridge & freezer. I’ll show the damn mongrels not to mess with us bloggers

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