Look Into My Eyes

OK, here’s the thing women from Czechoslovakia, if a male healer looks you in the eyes, says you have a fatal disease, charges you a fortune to remove the tumor and then threatens to bring it back if you don’t have sex with him, that’s a con artist right there. Seems the healer has been scamming several healthy Czech women and police believe there are quite a few more too embarrassed to come forward. He’s now been charged with rape and fraud.

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One response to “Look Into My Eyes

  1. fairy face

    How dumb are these women???? There’s a guy here in Werribee who went to a healer and it cost him only $1200.00 … only. He was very unwell so he sought some healing. Well obvioulsy it was all BS becasue he is now on dialysis due to he is ex wife adding a few extra ingredients to his dinner. Now he ‘s scared to go to the police about the healer becasue he feels like a right idiot. Well he is… Dumkopf!

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