Tag, You’re It!

OMG, a 6 year old snowflake has been accused by his California elementary school of sexual assault while playing tag with his best friend . Evidently, during their little romp in the playground Oswin brushed his friends leg/groin. Next thing he knows , he’s in the principal’s office, where he is plonked  for two hours until he confesses. The principal then suspended Oswin and placed a sexual battery charge on his permanent school record. Can they do that, without police involvement? It wasn’t until the parents lawyered up did the Hercules school remove the claim. Needless to say Oswin is playing tag at another school.

Psst The snowflakes should be grateful they weren’t playing Twister!!!


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15 responses to “Tag, You’re It!

  1. When will the insanity stop.

  2. I pulled down someone’s pants while playing tag once (it was an accident!). Glad it wasn’t at that school or I’d be in jail!

  3. Fairy Face

    Or on the zoo’s sex offenders list for life!
    Bad wombie !

  4. Fairy Face

    Oh come on you guys you knwo how easy it is to brush / grope… I mean touch your friends groin?

  5. I guess his guilt depends on whether he was wearing fishnet stockings & a suspender belt at the time or not.

  6. Gee I could have been doing life for playing doctors and nurses at that age… sick society…..

  7. Fairy Face

    Yes mega we can see you’re getting ready for your jab right now. Can I do it, Can I please ?

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