Trivia Helmets on Loons

Which artist has the most number of his works stolen?

According to the Art Loss website, that would be Pablo Picasso. Currently there are 1,147 of his paintings registered as stolen, missing or disputed. Next is American artist Nick Lawrence who has 557 stolen works,  third place goes to Marc Chagall, with 516 stolen works ….and so on…. Karel Appel (505), Salvador Dali (505), Loan Miro (478), David Levine (343), Andy Warhol (343), Rembrandt(337) and Peter Reinicke (336). Sheez, keep an eye open at Trash and Treasure!!!

Psst Oh and 40% of these thefts occured in Britain.


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13 responses to “Trivia Helmets on Loons

  1. You know that’s really odd. Just returned from a prolonged trip to Britain and my daughter is having problems with the spatial relationships shown on the beautiful vintage prints I brought back.

  2. I wonder if the smaller paintings are the most often stolen. Either that or if art thieves carry really big purses.

  3. Perhaps I should be more investigative the next time I run across Picasso’s signature. I feel that if it’s not already in a museum, then what I’m looking at cant be real.

  4. Pablo only had actual painting…my shit is stolen all over the net.

  5. I wish I was on that list!

  6. Androgoth

    Some are even used in the WC
    I guess it beats using the 3 Shells? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  7. ‘Stolen’…
    why put labels on these things?
    *nervously glancing over shoulder to make sure closet door is shut*

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