Black Day for Football

Soccer just hit a new low after a football riot in Egypt  left 73 people dead and at least a thousand injured. Things got ugly after Al-Masry had a rare win over Al-Ahly , Egypt’s top team. The moment the final whistle blew Al-Masry  supporters invaded the pitch and began hurling stones at the players and fans of Al-Ahly. The violence that followed has left the sport’s world stunned. Hmm, that’s why we should all play badminton.


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8 responses to “Black Day for Football

  1. F**king scary.
    We could play ‘tiddlywinks with man hole covers’ as my parents used to say. WTF does that even mean? -sigh- Pretty sure my own daughter will have her questions over my own quotes.

  2. Androgoth

    Football Crazy, Football Mad…

    And for you…

    Plan for a wicked
    weekend Loon 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Badminton? Meh – not my racquet.

  4. Fairy Face

    Scary friggin people Loon .

  5. Very sad some people take sports so seriously.

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