Cow Goes All Cujo on Farmer

Who you calling crazy?

A farmer from Atlanta, Georgia, was headbutted into a barbed wire fence by a 900lb rabid cow. OK, for starters I didn’t know cows could get rabies but anywho, the cow continued to go all Cujo on him so the farmer grabbed his gun and shot it three times. Which, by the way, did not kill it. The bovine was put down by a vet and the farmer is now considering quitting farming. Couldn’t write that in a script!


Filed under Friggin Scary, Friggin Wildlife, That's Gotta Hurt

9 responses to “Cow Goes All Cujo on Farmer

  1. Wow! That wasn’t Mad Cow, that was Totally Pissed Off Cow!

  2. Definitely in a bad moooood.

  3. I’d sue that cow for. . .oh, never mind.

  4. If our goats started pulling that shite i would turn them all into salami lol

  5. Cranky cow indeed. My father in law works on a farm & got severely bruised ribs by a cow that went for him & crushed him against the fence when they were vaccinating them. They can be ornery critters.

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