Friggin Squatters

Officer I knew nothing about the drugs...nothing!!

You know what I hate? When you find squatters with drugs, a handgun, 10 grenades, and a pig inside your house and you have to call the bomb squad. I really figgin hate that!

Want sauce with that?


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5 responses to “Friggin Squatters

  1. Should have called Farmer McDonald.

  2. Even after reading the article I am confused as to why they had the pig.
    I probably don’t want to know but still wonder.
    Poor pig.

  3. Fairy Face

    In Daylesford there’s a woman who has a sheep in the house. Perish the thought! I must stink in there. She works inthe restaurant at The Mill. EEEK!

  4. Have they taken the pig hostage?!

  5. Every time I see a story about squatters on A Current Affair I am bewildered as to why the Government won’t change the law to give police the power to throw these bludgers out. Pay rent or rack off.
    Maybe the pig is the armed to the teeth druggie squatter & the humans are his hostage. It’s possible…

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