Emergency Undies

Oh crap, I got my Bonds comfy fit on!!!

OK ladies, hands up who carries a spare pair of sexy knickers in their purse just in case a date goes better than expected? Well, it’s supposedly 43% of you! Don’t look at me, blame Bridget Jones she brought the horror and embarrassment of  granny knickers to light!


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5 responses to “Emergency Undies

  1. Fairy Face

    I like my grannie knickers loon , they’re so comfy lol. So she meets a guy, I assume she likes him, she finds a loo to change her knickers , so she now has to dump the old ones as not cool to have dirty knickers now in bag and if she didn’t dump them and she had an accident on the way home and the coroner had to report his findings, GRANNIE would be mad as hell. Yep dump them.Nah… on second thoughts it seems like a hell of a lot to go through for a screw and if it’s a regular ritual.. a bit costly. I mean I only wear designer grannie knickers lol.,

  2. Fairy Face

    I COULDN’T be bothered uinless of course it was with Robert Downey Jnr, I like his bad boy element, Harrison Ford for his ruggedly handsome good looks, Kevin Costner for.. his eyes, Al Pacino but only when he was in The God Father… he was to die for then and that would be it. I’m already up for a fortune in knickers with these guys. Better still invite them home and eliminate the need for undies. Dream on…… Fairy.. dream on.

  3. I prefer to wear my sexy knickers & carry a spare pair of grandpa Y-Fronts for emergencies. Y-fronts will hold more turds if I can’t find a toilet in a hurry.

  4. Fairy Face

    When Jan and I got married his mum made sure he left their home with a complete suitcase full of new Y fronts. I think we used them to polish the car. Good on ya Nanna my gran would have been proud of you.

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