Even Electronic Smoking Can Kill

OMG, warning people, be careful when puffing on an electronic cigarette. A man has had his teeth blown out after the device’s battery exploded. The cig is suppose to simulate smoking by producing a safe vapor that has no odor or residue. The Florida man had been using the electronic cigarette for several years after he began suffering lung problems. Authorities are not sure exactly what went on but the battery went kaboom after having a puff, taking out his teeth , part of his tongue and setting his study on fire. Whatever you do don’t smoke!


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14 responses to “Even Electronic Smoking Can Kill

  1. Deb

    Talk about a smoking sensation… sheezh!

  2. And I was thinking about getting one of those! 😯 😯 😯

  3. Wowzers! And my wife just bought me one of these to help cut back on my smoking.

  4. Fairy Face

    Is that the same ciggy Alison Dubois had on The Housewives Of Beverley Hills? I thought she looked weird smoking it.

  5. Several years??? Isn’t is supposed to be an aid to help you quit not something else to get addictd too.
    There was probably a warning on the pack saying that prolonged use is bad for your health.

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