Let The War Begin

The soap opera , which is the spat between Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Minister, has just got a whole lot cliff hangier. Mr Rudd has officially resigned and is heading back to Australia to gather his troops. Meanwhile, Gillard, who was never actually voted in by the people, is counting the numbers. Stay tuned …..


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7 responses to “Let The War Begin

  1. The whole way that they, Julia & her entourage, got rid of Kevin from the top job left a sour taste in my mouth & I wouldn’t trust her as far as a sleeping back bencher could kick her

  2. Fairy Face

    Kev is smarter than we all think. I reckon he’s got his eye on Kim Beasley’s job as his time is up in The States I believe. That way he’s be out of Julia’s hair. Sit back and watch.

  3. Banny

    Not true. Juliar was actually voted in by the public in the last election. KRudd went before the election. That’s why she’s a liar because she told us a load of BS in order to get elected. Hang on though… Her most famous lie “There will not be a price on carbon under my leadership” might now come true! Either way, Labor are done.

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