Sick of Gillard?

Then give her a slap.

Slap a pollie

Phew, that feels better.

Thanks Mega for the link!


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42 responses to “Sick of Gillard?

  1. I slapped her 584 meters out of the conference room… Can any Loon beat it? Please give it a go…..

  2. Fairy Face

    724 and I don’t feel I’m doing anything different

  3. Fairy Face

    Bloodyhell tonight I can’t get past 630

  4. Fairy Face

    649 just then

  5. 630 damn…I just have to keep slapping…. Oh what fun…I’ll keep this up till Monday when we will have slapped her to the backbenches….lol…gee.. you Loons are good slappers…glad we are not sitting next to each other…lol

  6. I cant get beyond 635. My wrist is now limper then it’s ever been… 😦

  7. OMG, that hilarious Loon! I only managed a best of 626m, but it sure felt good. Who the hell is Gillard?!?!

  8. Fairy Face

    Your biggest slap: 906 metres

  9. Fairy Face

    I’ve worked out how to achieve much higher scores and I’m surprised that you guys haven’t worked it it by now . You’re actually used to doing this lololol

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  11. Fairy Face

    Well if you look at it that way YES !!! LOLOLOL

  12. You are our present champion Fairy Face….Bless your might…. 906 meters is nearly 1 Kilometer. Did you look at my avitar when you slapped? Ok… got to get back to it…slap ….slap ….slap…slap…………F#@K…. I just threw my mouse through the picture frame on the wall….new mouse…go again…….slap…slap…slap

  13. Fairy Face

    Your biggest slap: 659 metres

    Hmm not so good but it’s only 12.45PM. I may have a long day ahead of me.

  14. Fairy Face

    Your biggest slap: 694 metres

    and rising

  15. Fairy Face

    Yep it’s tedious, I had to have a rest. I think I’ll just have to accept that 906 is it. I just can’t top it. How did the others get over 40000????

  16. Fairy Face

    Your biggest slap: 959 metres

  17. Fairy Face

    Oh Mega where art though, what have you reached thus far? I have even taken a photo of the screen to post on my FB as none of my friends are getting past 400 to 600. There is a knack to this slapping. You just need much more practice.

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