Is There Someone Else Lurking in the Background?

As the current Australian Prime Minister (AKA Julia Gillard)  and the ex Foreign Minister (Kevin Rudd)  go for each others throats,  fighting to be top dog, I can’t help but think that the so called “faceless men” are wringing their hands in glee. Is there a third Labor politician lurking in the background, who, as this leadership challenge ends in an absolute bloody mess, will raise his/her hand on Monday morning to take over as Australia’s Prime Minister and send both Rudd and Gillard  to the back benches? Don’t be surprised if Stephen Smith or Bill Shorten (AKA Australia’s Governor General’s son-in law) step up under the ruse they had to do it to “save the Party’s reputation”.

Psst This is turning into an embarrassing farce, if any one of them cared about the people of Australia or their party they would call a new election.

2nd Psst AND stop talking about how you rode Australia out of the Global Financial Crisis. You spent every dime in the coffers and borrowed our children’s future for us to, so call, “survive”.  Now we are paying in taxes. Hmm, let see, how many new taxes have you enforce during your time in power????

Roll up! Roll up!


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6 responses to “Is There Someone Else Lurking in the Background?

  1. Gee, that sounds really insane. Nothing at all like our orderly election process here in the States.

  2. Australia…the banana republic…BBQ and beach nothing else matters for the Aussie people…you see Bill, our polies are more open then your gangster mob…..Aussie polies are just stupid rather then nasty malicious bastards all wanting to rule the World.

  3. Fairy Face

    Bill Shorten, don’t mind him.I met him down at the Sunshine Plaza touting “STUFF”. I was with my daughter in law (lawyer)and was babbling on excitedly about seeing and and she said, “Oh hi Bill how’s it going? ” I said you “KNOW HIM personally” and she said “yeah from way back” Go Chelle I’m standing in ther plaza with Chelle talking to Bill Shorten like we’re long lost friends. He’s not bad!

  4. Androgoth

    Politicians are all of the same breed Loon
    and all a load of PARC too, if you catch my
    drift? 🙂 Well they always get things back
    to front so I thought that I would join in on
    this offering…

    Have a great weekend and
    drink plenty of hot lemon juice 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

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