Safe Sex On The Red Carpet

Could you, would you, on the red carpet? Hmm, obviously hell yes!  Zac Efron accidentally dropped a gold condom packet from his pocket while he was on the red carpet to promote the latest Dr Seuss animation, The Lorax. Hmm, well, that ain’t half awkward.


Filed under How Embarrassing, Whoops!

4 responses to “Safe Sex On The Red Carpet

  1. fairy face

    Hmm he is sexy and he knows it. Ruggedly handsome man.

  2. hahaha the only condoms that come in gold wrappers are the magnums… for that extra bit of manhood.
    Accidental drop or Carefully crafted publicity? either way still fun.
    Oh, and don’t ask me how I know about the condom wrapper color…

  3. At least a bottle didn’t fall out when he bent over to pick it up.
    That’s always embarrassing.

  4. So the Lorax will be wearing a gold condom???

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