If You Are My Son, Who The Hell Did We Bury?

Thought you could hide, huh?

Oo Oh, a mother who identified then buried her son, after his body was found in a nearby town, got the surprise of her life when he was found alive. God knows who is in the grave but it ain’t Jasper Soriano.  Jasper was found by his pissed off wife in another province when rumors circulated that he was still alive. The wife claims she punch and kicked him to make sure he wasn’t a figment of her imagination. Sheez, if he thought that was bad,  wait until he has to go home and face his mother!! Still no word on who they buried!


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6 responses to “If You Are My Son, Who The Hell Did We Bury?

  1. Deb

    Sounds like a scene from a movie.

  2. Hmm. Since they’re gonna have to dig the other guy up anyway, leaving an unused coffin and grave, I’m betting the wife and mom will have a suggestion on how to avoid them going to waste!

  3. fairy face

    What was she blind?

  4. Hhmm, am I the only one who immediately thought the son and mother were in cahoots to fool his wife ? 😳

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