To All The Aussie Loons

I'll get you my Ruddy and your job too!

Ding Dong the witch is back. I for one am ordering another house….this time double brick!!!!

Psst Fairy Face, what happened? You were suppose to slap her right out of parliament!!!!!!!


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10 responses to “To All The Aussie Loons

  1. To paraphrase Timex: Takes a whacking and keeps on yacking! :mrgreen:

  2. fairy face

    I don’t know how much more I can take of THAT face. It’s all too much Loon I tell ya it’s ALL TOO MUCH. I’ve been despressed all day. Those string lips are more than I can bear. Never mind she’ll be easier to knock off eighteen monthswdoen the track. As my old boss use top say, “everyone deserves the chance to fail”. She still has 18 months. I think my shingles may return before then!!!!!!

  3. 71 percent of all Australians are thinking of migrating to Ghana. I have just taken a pack of morphine to help me forget one of the saddest days in Australian political history. Banana republic without leadership or vision of value….yawn….snorrrrrrr

  4. I can tell you are happy, Loon.

  5. Apparently this woman is more than you guys can handle alone. But help is available:

  6. fairy face

    No she will go in 18 months it’s just that we have to still look at her. Argh#^$%^$&#*#(#

  7. They had to keep her in the top job ‘cos if they didn’t it would’ve undermined the 2 faced slimey lowlife backstabbing conniving way they got rid of Kev as PM when they put her in in (double word score!!!) the 1st place. That’s my opinion anyway. I don’t like her & I don’t trust her as far as Kev could kick her.

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