So This Is What It’s Finally Come To?

Owners at an Ohio apartment complex are so pissed at residents who fail to pick up their dogs doo-doo they are using DNA testing to find the culprits. Yes indeedy, the offending feces will be scooped up and sent to the  ‘Poo Prints’ DNA program for identification and then the owners will then be fined $200. Pity the fool with that job!


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8 responses to “So This Is What It’s Finally Come To?

  1. Shit pickers….an old profession Loon…..

  2. -shudder-
    great use of taxpayer money too!

  3. So the dogs have to submit to a dna test? haha

  4. fairy face

    Good luck with that.

  5. Wasn’t something like this thrown out at the O.J. trial?

  6. I guess they had to do something. That sh!t would have gone unsolved forever. 🙂

  7. But will it show the dog’s DNA or the horse that was in the last can of dog food it ate? Surely they would need to test every dog in town to build up their database

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