While the rest of the world squirm at the very thought of simply legalizing euthanasia, the Dutch are already launching mobile euthanasia teams who will come to your house to carry out the  deed. Evidently there are 3,100 mercy killings carried out each year in the Netherlands and around 1,000 assisted suicides requests. Sheez, busy!

Want sauce with that?


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5 responses to “Mercy!

  1. Dutch ingenuity….Helping humanity…Nobody should be kept alive on life supports to suffer beyond comprehension which is extreme inhumane…Well done tulip / cheese /clogs and windmill people….

  2. Had to re-tweet this. Are the Dutch taking recommendations? Just a question (you bastard ex mother and father in laws).
    Wait, That was a joke. Hi FBI!

  3. 30 minutes or less or it’s free?

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