Jesus Is Back

It’s been awhile but Jesus has reappeared, this time on a tortilla in Mexico on Ash Wednesday. David Sandoval of Espanola was preparing a meal when he saw Jesus staring at him from a tortilla. He showed the image to his mom who replied “Oh my God.”



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13 responses to “Jesus Is Back

  1. Gee… if only I had worked out who it was when he appeared in my ashtray the other day as my palms have been bleeding since I washed the ashtray out…….also my ghost busters march mellow man has been weeping for some days now … are they signs of sorts? Just curious. My phone number is 0463712321 and all donations can be sent to Po box 37651 Woop Woop Australia.

    • Holy God Batman! Someone else has seen Welcome to Woop Woop? Or is an Aussie -grin-.
      Loon, this reminds me of the time Jesus appeared in the foam of my egg cream. In Brooklyn. In a kosher Dairy restaurant. Didn’t dare tell dad. I still feel so dirty.

      • Aussie -grin goes as follows….Q:Where you goin mate? A: I’m of to Woop Woop…In other words…. None of your f#@king business. Got to love the Aussie slang….anyway…donations please…Jesus is in my shed somewhere. 🙂

      • Blahahahah Rachael i think Jesus was messing with ya 🙄 . And as for you Mega , Woop Woop means a town of little significance which in your case means the whole of Western Australia 🙂

      • Fairy Face

        “He lives up WOOP WOOP”. That’s if you can’t remember and can’t be bothered remembering. I live up Woop Woop near Bum Crack nowhere.

    • knew the slang term, via a few Aussie friends. Most Americans would only know it from the very cult film I mentioned.
      And dammit that Jesus. He was just in my shed. Writing his manifesto and ordering nitrate fertilizer and a delivery he referred to as ‘timers.’
      Bastard owes back rent.

      • Better hope he doesn’t ask his dad for the rent 😦

        Sheez, those damn Aussies!!!!! 🙄

        Psst Didn’t that movie kill Johnathon Schaech’s career? Hmm, no, maybe Christina Applegate did

  2. “Welcome to Woop Woop” killed the entire industry….next

  3. fairy face

    Looks like a melanoma Loon

  4. Better than the animal toe I just read about.

  5. That’s not Jesus it’s that weird creepy bloke who hangs around train stations seeking to abduct children. Are you sure it’s a tortilla & not a piece of toilet paper???

    • Oh No I was wrong about the creepy bloke. It’s Cat Stevens. Actually the creepy pedo bloke’s favourite Cat Stevens songs are “Where do the children play” & “Remember the days of the old school yard”

  6. Fairy Face

    One of my favourite albums. I still have the LP

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