Someone Has Double Dipped!!!

A New York man is suing manufacturer Sabra and distributor Fairway market after he allegedly found an animal toe (with nail still attached) in his  artichoke spinach dip. Ewh. No word on what animal the toe belonged to but now Andrew Brodsky claims he can no longer eat or watch other people eat packaged foods.

Psst Lucky it wasn’t jam!!! Get it? Toe jam …ah never mind!


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13 responses to “Someone Has Double Dipped!!!

  1. I once bit in an apple pie to discover half a cockroach hanging out…. the other half was being digested in my stomach… ….No law suit there as half the evidence was gone…Bon apetit….

  2. desk49

    One little piggy
    went to the market
    One of them
    stayed home
    One was in the spinach dip
    green and all alone

  3. fairy face

    I bought a vegetable pastie from the bakery the other morning and first bite uncovered a long piece of string tied on to what looked like the end of a sausage. Back I went and protested loudly in the middle of the bakery. She asked it I’d like another one!!*&^%^ . I said, ” what with string?”

  4. Good…all that processed food will kill you.

  5. It was probably some poor unfortunate critter hanging around the Spinach orchard when the slicing & dicing harvester went through. The spinach farmer’s dog perhaps???

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