The Ultimate Defriending

Tribal council have spoken!

OK, here’s the thing Portland nurse, posting photos of a dying patient’s buttocks on your Facebook page and then making derogatory comments about them will result in a) Being fired from your job b) spending 8 days in jail c) prohibited from having a nursing license in the US  d) being banned from Facebook and other social media sites or  e) all of the above.


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6 responses to “The Ultimate Defriending

  1. Fairy Face

    Presently our nurses are stopping work for various reasons and the slogan on their t shirts is” RESPECT OUR WORK”. Well I say “RESPECT OUR LOVED ONES” because from where I’ve been sitting some of you have a lot to learn. LOCK THIS ONE UP!!!!

  2. Asshat! Well at least that paragon of justice FB has a say…. sure leave the kiddie porn and hate sites alone; but no butts!
    Ridiculous.this creep should be prosecuted.

  3. Fairy Face

    Loon I was out for coffee with a woman whose friend’s 90 year old father is in a nursing home in Geelong, not a psychiatric one just your typically expensive nursing home where he SHARES a room with another bed ridden old guy. He had the tops cut off two of his fingers> WTF??? How can shit like this happen to the elderly in care ? Brace yourself I tell ya. Brace yourself !!

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