Naked Meltdown for KONY 2012 Founder

As you may have noticed I have avoided writing anything about the global KONY 2012 campaign as it seemed to be doing alright on its own. Hmm, but slap me down and call me Susan, I woke up this morning to the news that the co-founder of Invisible Children (the charity responsible for the viral KONY 2012 campaign) Jason Russell has been arrested for masturbating in public. Dude, really?


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13 responses to “Naked Meltdown for KONY 2012 Founder

  1. Looks like he has visions of grandeur for sure. That’s a mighty big stroke for such a little guy.

  2. Serious masturbating that was Loon…poor guy must be exhausted after that… I use a different technique….. 😦 ….next

  3. Hmm, now he has left his own invisible children all over the sidewalk 😦 !!!

  4. fairy face

    What’s wrong with having no inhibitions? I ask ya, can’t do anythng in public these days .
    Loon I still can’ tpost under my own email address. Still not fixed?

  5. fairy face

    So why are your gravatars showing and my wee fairy face isn’t? 😦 I’m using a different enmail address too

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