Stupidest Thing You Will See All Day

The TSA searching a three year old at O’Hare airport, who is not only in a wheelchair but wearing a cast on his leg. Meanwhile his father, mother, grandfather and grandmother were left to look on, as  the boy was the only one singled out. The poor little tyke was on his way to visit Disney Land. Hmm, that will be the scariest ride he’ll ever be on!!!

Psst  Talk about a toothless tiger, if truth be told TSA can’t be seen to be picking on people of Middle Eastern or Asian appearance as that would be considered racist!!!


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7 responses to “Stupidest Thing You Will See All Day

  1. Androgoth

    Yes an absolute joke this one Loon,
    and how must his parents have felt
    during this uneccesary friskiing…

    They should be ashamed of themselves…


  2. TSA are loud obnoxious idiots … On a recent business trip they dragged a man, riddled with cancer, out of a wheelchair and forced him to stand legs apart at the back of the chair to be frisked. … Extremely disturbing to witness and no doubt most humiliating for the man….Welcome to Newark International Airport….Ruthless bastards….

  3. People scoff at this but seriously if I were a terrorist, I would plant my bomb on a little kid or an old lady because no one would suspect it. I am all for this!!!

    • Come on Bearman. Any volunteer old ladies that want a bomb jacket to travel with? Ok…. any 2 year olds then? Shoving a parcel of cocaine into a nappy is understandable…A bomb in a 2 year old kids leg plaster is not….The whole system achieves nothing. It is a feel good pill for the travelers. If a terrorist wants to do damage he does not have to resort to airports, planes or any other area with high security level. In Bali they take out nightclubs… Good thing you are not a terrorist….bless your Bearman soul…. Just saying…

  4. Fairy Face

    Bearman I read that and saw the amusing side of it but thought well where else would you stick it if your are wearing a plaster? Come on there are somenut jobs out there. Maybe his leg wasn’t really broken and the plaster contained two sticks of Kaboom! What was their name Hussein? I know, my bad but it has a funny side to it too. Come on Loons lighten up.

  5. Fairy Face

    I never get searched, what’s wrong with me, is it my ears? I have plenty of folds to hide Kabooms and plenty of baggage full of FAIRY DUST . I’d even settle for
    MANPOWER Loon forget the Chippendales. I don’t so much even get a tweak!

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