Yeah, About Your Billion Dollar Lottery Win

If you happen to receive an email from the Danish state-run lottery company, Danske Spil, saying congrats on becoming a billionaire…ignore it. Seems they made a boo boo. So far around three hundred Danes have falsely been told they were richer than the Kardashians.


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11 responses to “Yeah, About Your Billion Dollar Lottery Win

  1. I’m surprised anyone even noticed. I ignore at least one such email everyday!

  2. fairy face

    Yeah IM I get those emails all the time but already being one, hey.. no biggie

  3. fairy face

    LOLOLOL. That’s my son’s band Graveyard Train. Go to You tube and type in Ballad Of Beelzebub . I love the videao clip taken in a old church in Eltham. Far right on this pic is my son. The little girl is so photogenic.

    • Wow FF, I like the video a LOT! And the blurb on the YouTube page is pretty cool too: “Melbourne’s horror country band Graveyard Train, playing mens instruments like men were born to do.” 😀

      I’m curious if the band’s name was inspired by the Creedence Clearwater Revival song? It appears first when you search for Graveyard Train instead.

      • fairy face

        I don’t think so but I’ll discuss it next time he emails me. They are a diverse bunch of guys to say the least. A bunch of hariry buggers lol.

      • If “diverse” is code for “a bunch of misfits” then they’re my kind of people. And since I’m looking a bit like a cross between the Unabomber and Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung” these days, I think I’ve got the “hairy” angle covered too! 😀

      • I must say I absolutely love Ballad Of Beelzebub !!!!!

      • fairy face

        I’ll let him know you enjoyed it. The little girl was wonderful wasn’t she? She was the daughter of one of the congregation.

  4. fairy face

    Lol yes they certainly are very different. The thing is when he comes over if his band comes on the Ipod he immediately forwards it. He’s also an architectural draftsman and designs the most modern of units and flats. Youy’d never pick his style from the way he looks so it goes to prove that looks are definitely deceiving.

  5. I won…I won….not…. 😦

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