Gramps 1, Kiddies 0

My bad?

Rats! A German pensioner has been arrested after he allegedly laced several chocolate Easter bunnies with rat poison, repackaged them and then hung them from a tree for children to find. Seems  he was pissed off with the local kiddies constantly stealing things from his garden. One of his victims had to have his stomach pumped after he nicked one and ate it on the way to school. Joerg-Werner Lubbe confessed to police he had sprayed the chocolate bunnies with ammonium hydroxide.


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5 responses to “Gramps 1, Kiddies 0

  1. Those nutty Germans! Just can’t keep ’em down

  2. fairy face

    Das is bad !

  3. Mess with chocolate, and you mess with me!!

  4. Androgoth

    Maybe they should feed
    him his own eggs for breakfast…

    Androgoth XXx

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