Bales’ Wife Believes Her Husband Is Innocent

You know, it’s bad enough that Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is accused of murdering 17 afghan civilians in a shooting rampage but to interview Bale’s wife who says “I just don’t think he was involved,” is pretty damn irresponsible. In respect to all the soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan and the families of the victims this kind of journalism helps no one!!!

Psst Had Bales shot 17 US soldiers I’m sure the situation would be very different.

2nd Psst It also makes me very uneasy that President Obama has given the victim’s families $50,000 each in hush money compensation.

Want sauce with that?


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8 responses to “Bales’ Wife Believes Her Husband Is Innocent

  1. fairy face

    Hmm where are my bad relos? Oh Soldier , over here …..

  2. I admire her loyalty but I’m sure the wives of nazis who tortured and murdered jews also believed their husbands were all round good guys that loved animals and kids, gave up their seat on public transport to pregnant women, and helped old ladies across the street, and couldn’t possibly have committed such atrocities

    Truth is, this denial is just a form of cognitive dissonance since to admit her husband did murder these afghan men, women, and children in their sleep raises questions about her own judgement of his character – that there was a side to him she didn’t know about when she married him !

  3. fairy face

    Some soldiers have been there too long and SNAP!!! It can happen so when we hear stories like this from such a soldier who didn’t get where he was by doing nothing you have to wonder about what made him do it.
    I think he’d been there on a few tours of duty. Maybe we have to consider just how much blood and guts one perosn can take. I don’t blame him entirely. It’s so sad that his life and that of his wife are ruined. What kind of legacy do his children now have? Sad sad sad.

  4. She did put her house on the market though.

  5. George

    Why does no one ever try to pay me to keep me quiet? Isn’t my silence worth anything? šŸ˜¦

  6. Scott

    It’s despicable, but it’s the American Press–the more sensationistic, the higher their ratings. They don’t care who’ll be affected, and in what way.

    The Don Henley song of way back, “Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down…” sums it up quite well.

  7. Scott

    The title of the song is actually “Dirty Laundry”.

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