I’m A Prostitute Thanks To McDonalds

Holy frivolous lawsuit Batman. A woman in the US is suing McDonald’s because she claims their crappy wages and pathetic worker support forced her into a life of prostitution. Oh and by the way she is also suing her ex hubby who was the owner of the store in which she worked and who later sacked her. Hmm, so in her suit she claims she was wrongfully sacked and that the action forced her to seek employment in a brothel. Oh wait there’s more, she also claims McDonald’s crappy overall management allowed hubby to operate a prostitution service from his franchise. The best bit is she married her hubby AFTER she started working as a prostitute. Come on, come on, please let Judge Judy get the case….pleeeeaaaassssse!!!!

Want sauce with that?


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6 responses to “I’m A Prostitute Thanks To McDonalds

  1. Jerry Springer stuff…. yuckkkkk

  2. fairy face

    NOOOO not Judge Juidy shell just talk over them adn tell them to take their hands out of their pockets. Oy Vey she’s just too much.

  3. Scott

    The addition of Richard Simmons to the picture makes it even more confusing!

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