Hitler’s Parents Grave Now Available

Anyone want to share a grave with Hitler’s parents? Evidently one of the relis no longer wants to pay the lease on the site for Alois and Klara Hitler, which means it’s up for grabs. The elderly woman who had been paying the lease said she was too old to care for it and tired of it “being used for manifestations of sympathy” for Hitler. Seems those pesky little Neo Nazis just won’t stop leaving flowers and Nazi messages there. Thanks a friggin lot son!!!!


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6 responses to “Hitler’s Parents Grave Now Available

  1. fairy face

    Loon can I borrow this for my FB? lol

  2. Scott

    That’s bizarre!

  3. Scott

    It just made me think of a weird question though, for a necrophiliac: With whom would you like to share a grave?

  4. fairy face

    Somehow I doubt that it’s actually about sharing their grave.. I think they boot your old bones out sort of out with the old and in with the new.

  5. It may become a good space for a hole in the ground monument with 30 foot waterfalls cascading into it, engraved with 6,000,000 Jewish names … No Jesus cross required to keep the neo Nazis out….Just a thought…

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