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It Speaks For Itself

Stumbled across these scary black things in a park ……

Seriously? Is he scratching his butt?


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Did Bob Brown See This Coming?

When the leader of the Greens suddenly resigned a few weeks back, you gotta ask yourself, what did he know? Because after this weeks “dark cloud” dumping removal of two of Prime Minister Gillard’s labor politicians from their positions, you have to be thinking , he knew the shit was about to be hit the fan.

Yesterday the Prime Minister had to admit she “underestimated public sentiment” which kinda hints that there is more to come and I wouldn’t be surprised if they comes in the form of Fair Work Australia releasing their findings on Craig Thompson. Talk about a disgraceful and desperate attempt to keep her in power by  delaying the investigation  of  Craig Thomson for 4 friggin years. Makes  you think the Australian political system is beyond corrupt, and both parties, Labor and the Coalition, should collectively hang their  heads in shame. We need a Royal Commission (run by an independent body) into Fair Work Australia, unions and both our go called political parties, as it is obvious, no one can be trusted in this country anymore.  There is an assumption by both sides that the public accept their lies, spins and hidden agendas. Hello, The Hague, this is the Australian people calling!!!!

Psst We should also be able to declare our election votes null and void, as we were lied to when Labor told us there would be absolutely no Carbon Tax !! Nether side should be allowed to take on preferences votes unless it is a close call.

2nd Psst Phew, now I need a drink…make it a double!


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A White Cane Anyone?

Eh? Didn't see it coming!!!

Oh those Greeks!!! A recently elected mayor on the island of Zakynthos has discovered that quite a few of his constituents have been in on an elaborate scam. About 600 of them have been falsely declaring themselves blind so they can collect a nice monthly cheque from the government. Hmm, that’s about 2% of the population and include restaurant owners, shop keepers, farmers and even taxi drivers. Seems authorities had been turning a blind eye for over 10 years to those faking their claims. Now the spoil sport mayor (who happens to also be a lawyer) has ceased all benefit payments so they can thin out the blind herd. The crackdown has also come at a price, with 50 of the so called blind hurling eggs and yoghurt at the now unpopular major. Hmm, so does being blind drunk count?

Want sauce with that?


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Yes, About That Complaint You Made

OMG, there's someone at the door!!!!

Sleep with one eye open residents of Andover Estate in London, the Islington council have accidentally given your names and telephone numbers to those drug taking low lifes you’ve had banned from the estate. Whoopsie. About 51 people who complained about their drug taking, loud music and abusive behavior will be getting extra police patrols, thanks to the bungle.Hmm, lets just hope the thugs can’t read!


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Go Ethan

Get ready to be astounded. Ethan Walmark is 6 years old , has autism and loves Billy Joel ….


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Worst Waiter Line EVER

I went out to a trendy little Mexican restaurant tonight and I ask the waiter what he would recommend and he said ” Do you like tongue?” Regrets , he had a few!!!!!


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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

Oh my, Connecticut prison officials are pushing new laws to have masturbating inmates labelled sex offenders. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong? Seems its become quite a sport to whip it out and slap the monkey in front of prison guards and counselors, especially if they are women. If the legislation gets passed 5 years could be added to sentences of inmates found guilty. Officials say the behavior isn’t about sex but about power and demoralizing someone. Evidently last year there were 500 incidents at one prison alone.

Psst Hmm, so if it isn’t about sex, why do they want to label them “sex offenders” maybe it is better just to call them power, control freaking wankers ?

Want sauce with that?


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That Will Be Some Line Waiting For A Spare Breast

I have trouble just remembering my own name!!!

Move over Octomom, Nonamom is coming through. Mexican woman Karla Vanessa Perezis is expecting 9 bubs after using fertility treatment AND yes Karla already has triplets, just in case if you were wondering. AND no, the don’t look like they could rub two pennies together. Roll up, roll up, the welfare train is rolling into town.

UPDATE: TMZ are reporting the woman is friggin lying!!! Big question is why?


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Cancer Causing Washing Detergent Alert

He put on his favorite tee and kaboom!

Step away from Tide washing detergent people, if the environmental group Women’s Voices for the Earth are to believed, that stuff will kill ya. Seems they ran tests on their Tide Free and Gentle and Tide Original Scent products and found small amounts of dioxane, which is hell cancer causing. The Cincinnati-based company Procter and Gamble, say no worries, the amount found won’t kill ya. Hmm, tell that to the deceased lab rats! Oh boy, it’s back to smashing my washing on rocks in the backyard!!!

Psst Seriously, I think the Polyvinyl Chloride in your water bottle will kill you first!

Want sauce with that?


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OMG, Yohio the 16 year old Swedish boy who plays an electric guitar, dresses like a doll and can sing in three different languages, has found success in Japan. Seems like Bieber’s got some competition.


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