You Have The Right To Remain Silent Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has been arrested in Ohio. Seems his sticky fingers have got him in hot water. You just can’t go around stealing $1,600 worth of DVDs, even of you are the Easter Bunny. Oh, but don’t worry little snowflakes, the police arrested him after his shift and he’s due in court the day before Easter, so your chocolate eggs should be good to go.


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13 responses to “You Have The Right To Remain Silent Easter Bunny

  1. Make bunny stew from this loser…

  2. Ohio…is that the only news we get is from Ohio?

  3. Scott

    All that trouble for something that’s going out anyway? Get with the Blu-ray program, dude!

  4. fairy face

    Scott some of us are slow learners. I’m only just downloading to my iPod. Some of us just can’t be bothered. Having said that my next car must have Blu-ray as I want my phone to obey my commands and music to do the same.

  5. fairy face

    When I lived in Scotland there was no such thing as The Easter Bunny. You got an egg from your parents and I see by my FB thankfully that they still roll their eggs down a bit of a hill which symbolizes the stone being rolled from Jesus’s tomb. No friggin bunny, no Easter hunt, just the religious significance of Easter Sundy. Besides bunnies don’t lay the eggs the chooks do so they should get the credit not some furry rabbit. No wonder kids are screwed up these days. Must go and google friggin Easter Bunny business! Now where is my Beuno Bar? Hmm… much nicer.

  6. You probably could stash quite a few DVD’s in a bunny costume…
    lift with your legs Easter Bunny…

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