Phantom Chair Pisser Caught

Stop looking loons, thanks to a hidden camera the mystery office chair piddler has been found. Seems since October last year Raymond  has been peeing on the office chairs of his female co-workers during his off hours.


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12 responses to “Phantom Chair Pisser Caught

  1. Scott

    Somehow that doesn’t seem personal enough for me–I would ejaculate on them instead!

    • fairy face

      Ah you pig Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is gross. Also Loon why is one of his legs much more hairy than the other? Didn’t he have time to wax properly?

    • Scotty, Scotty, Scotty, you had to go there didn’t you 🙄

      • fairy face

        There are words that make me feel ill, one is the ‘C’ word, then there’s scrotum. Ejaculate is a ‘EWH! ‘ word.Vagina, vulva, eurethra, well who the hell was working on those words? I know they were all derived from Latin but it’s 2012 and they don’t even teach Latin in schools anymore. Just as well as most of us never learn how to speak English properly. Also surnames, who wants to be a Hiscock, Hoare, Loveland or Skelly? I worked with a guy who had that surname and in Scotland if you are skelly eyed you can’t see properly so no Skelly either. Some words and names just should be disposed of all together . Life is uncomfortable enough. We have men now living in this country by the name of ” Azif “. When is that ever going to be Aussified? I mean as if anyone should have to live with that name. ” Whatif “even sounds better. Just your general bit of trivia for the day.

  2. Androgoth

    Kinky just got a tad kinkier 😦 lol

    Androgoth XXx

  3. Scott

    My brother worked as a flight attendant for several years, and he once met a coworker named Ophelia Dick. What’s worse, she went by Phelia!

  4. fairy face

    One of my names is after my grandmother and as much as I loved her what the hell was my mother thinking? She still doesn’t think of anything but herself. 85 and selfish to the core. She was 85 in March so I downloaded some of her favourite old songs from iTunes and made a Cd at the cost of around $34.00 for stuff I’ll never play on my iPod. She plays the organ so I found some great old organ music at The Old Mill. Printed in London and never to be found anywhere again. I stuck a $50.00 note in the CD cover and what do I get??? A solicitors letter for harrassment . Seems that reminding her of good times was a bad thing. Well it cost her $300.00 for the pleasure. We all got to have a good laugh. I called the solicitor as she requested that I return dishes that he gave to me as a “gift” only to be told that he no longer acts for her. Surprise surprise!! Didn’t take long to work her out lolololo What a friggin mother lol. I have told my kids when I get like this it’s “PILLOW ” time. I hope she chokes on her Easter Egg.

  5. Dunno why all the fuss. The sponge of the chair would soak it up.

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