Where’s My chips?

Where's my Ruffles?

Egads, a prisoner at a Toronto jail killed another inmate by stomping on his head because he stole and ate half his bag of Ruffles potato chips . He then later told other inmates “Nobody punks me off for a bag of chips.”


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13 responses to “Where’s My chips?

  1. What would he have done for chocolate?

  2. Why does anybody keep shit like that alive at tax payers expense…kill it…please…

  3. George

    Man! He may as well have eaten the entire bag.

  4. fairy face

    It’s just gross having to even read this stuff. Euthanise him now.. what a f@cking animal.

  5. It was just on the news that a hacked up body was found in Perth or somewhere around there. Looks like someone over your way stole some chips too.

  6. fairy face

    No only he was just eaten. RIP poor man. It’s a terrible way to go.

  7. Scott

    I wonder if the makers of Ruffles will contact him for a testimonial ad?

    • Androgoth

      Deb, I was thinking… a true asshole 🙂
      Just because someone ate his chips,
      and where did he get chips from banged up
      in jail? Hmm…

      Androgoth XXx

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