Hey Mommy, Look What The Easter Bunny left

Now jump kid, jump!!!

You know what I hate? When a group of little kiddies go on an Easter egg hunt and find a hand grenade. I really friggin hate that! The Somerset Easter hunt was called off when a parent spotted a three year old standing on it. Oh my, what a nightmare, imagine trying to stop an Easter egg hunt! Now that would have ended in tears! Anywho, bomb squad arrived  and blew it up.


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22 responses to “Hey Mommy, Look What The Easter Bunny left

  1. fairy face

    How do threse things happen. Was it new / old?

  2. The bomb squad arrived and blew up the Easter egg hunt? That was pretty harsh.

  3. fairy face

    Your bad Red!

  4. fairy face

    Oops that’s you’re bad Red !

  5. Scott

    I’m wondering the same thing as Fairy Face–was it from World War II?

    • I suspect a hot cross bunny!!!

    • fairy face

      I just love war memorabilia. We have an Old Mill market and they have some Japanese helmuts and WW11 ones as well. I find even the insides of them interesting, numbers printed in them and how they were constructed to make them comfortable for the soldiers who wore them. They have medals, caps, various pieces of paraphernalia made in the field workshops. Ash trays made out of shell bases and bullets screwed together as handles. These are mainly brought back fom the Vietnam war. our Canberra War Museum is crying out for this kind of stuff as it being the last war we took part in apart fom the Iraq war. We don’t have enough exhibits to show yet. They are working on it. Maybe this old grenade would help.

      • Androgoth

        Hey are you an Agent for that place
        or what? Well you’ve sold me… Wow 🙂

        Have a fun Monday Fairy Face 🙂

        Androgoth Xx

  6. fairy face

    Thank you Andrrogoth they also have an exceptionally good restaurant / cafe there and I will head over shortly for coffee. Care to join a Fairy?

  7. Man, I bet a whole lotta people crapped their pants at that event!

  8. Yeah, that’d definitely put a damper on an Easter egg hunt alright!

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