Fighter Jet Crashes Into Apartment Complex

‘I’m sorry for destroying your house.’ was all  the pilot of a $64 million fighter jet that crashed into an Virginia apartment complex could manage to say as he lay, with his parachute still attached, and  covered in blood. Miraculously no one was killed.


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22 responses to “Fighter Jet Crashes Into Apartment Complex

  1. Deb

    Amazing no one was hurt.

  2. Scott

    Gives new meaning to the term, “friendly fire”!

  3. fairy face

    Why wasn’t he watching where he was going lol? I wonder if he’ll say to Obama, I’m sorry I destroyed your $64 Million fighter jet. Only in America!! It’s not like you fly down streets or anything! You aren’t safe from your own airforce in your own home in your own street, Where can you be safe over there lololo? I can’t believe it. Our airbases are out of the way in Melbourne but I did hear that we’ve had a whole lot of yanks arrive. Hide our planes please. I’d also like to know why we weren’t told they were coming . True to form, they interviewed an Aussie bar maid and she’s happy….. “Yanks tip well” was her comment .. friggin airhead.

    • Catastrophic mechanical malfunction…. so they say

    • Whoa, FF! That’s a bit harsh. The very fact that both the pilot and rear-seater (Bombardier/Navigator/Radar Officer) were still in their parachutes and literally AT the crash scene makes me think they both elected to try and steer the crippled jet to somewhere safe. Unfortunately, the Virginia Beach area is heavily populated. From the one picture on CNN, it shows me that the left engine was shut down (rear afterburner sheathing was closed tight) and the right engine indicates full afterburner, that they were doing their level best to power their way over the apartment house. The “full nose-up attitude” quoted by a bystander tells me that they simply lost lift. With both engines functioning (in afterburner) they can loft a FA-18 vertically and gain speed. With one engine – no hope. They were also dumping fuel as they struggled along the low-level flight path. I’d say, at the very least, they both deserve a commendation that they managed to make it that far.

      • Also, the FA-18 is a Navy jet – not Air Force. As such, they are used to putting their planes down on carriers in a very limited space. If they’d made it over the apartment house, they had a small field they could have dropped in to.

      • From what I have read Deyank, they had fuel trouble from take-off. One of the poor pilots was a student and he was in the front seat. There’s a lesson he won’t forget!! Without doubt the two ejected at the last minute. From what I gather the student pilot was trying to extinguish the flames.
        As a kid one of my greatest fears was a plane crashing into my house. Now, after watching Air Crash Investigations its back to being my number one fear….and/or being on a plane when it crashes. Either one, eeks!!

      • fairy face

        Drop fuel!!!!!!. What over the town. Holy shit they could have set the town on fire with all the av gas. Fairy is in her own back yard minding her beezwax having a barbeque and gets blown up… that’s a worry !!! Come on Deyank you have to be able to laugh at yourself lol. Having said that it would a whole different ball game if anyone had gotten hurt. Now apart from that wouldn’t there have been some kind of warning lights on that oh so huge dashboard? Hard to believe that something as deadly as a fighter plane just lifts up and konks out. Luckily….and I mean luckily no civilians or flight crew were lost. The looks on their faces must have been
        a sight to behold.

  4. Red

    They were looking at the driveway as a runway, but forgot the “objects are closer than they appear” applied.

    Good thing no one was hurt.

    • fairy face

      I don’t know about just disperses Deyank. Tullamarine is our Melbourne AIrport and although it’s situated a fair distance from built up areas the houses in a certain flighpath have experienced damage due to what appears to be the avgas. How can it just vapourise ? They come in pretty low over this area so it has to vapourise on to something and they are sure it’s from aircraft coming in over this area. Colourbond roofs have turned black from all of this but having said that, that aviation people have argauedthat it wasn’t from that at all. They are telling that to home owners who have to continually clean their metal roofs. I wasn’t actually referring to the accident when I said ” laugh at yourself ” I was talking about his comments. “Sorry for destroying your home.” . I think that would he the last thing on my mind.Try ” I’M ALIVE, I FRIGGIN SURVIVED!!” And yes, it could have had terrible consequences but like you said they are trianed to do all they did but it could have ended so badly. Living 100 KM out of town how I hear nothing, I see nothing. Well that’s not exactly true, we see the occasional plane and it’s vapour trial. We live over The Pentland Hills. The joys of now being out of the BIG SMOKE. It is actually much fresher, cleaner air.

  5. Hopefully they won’t find any bodies, but it seems quite amazing that no one was killed considering the damage.

  6. @FF: Planes eject fuel lots of times. Commercial jets do it if they have to turn back a short ways into their flights so they will be under minimums for landing weight. The fuel is ejected in a fine mist that disperses into harmless vapor within seconds. Granted, at the low altitude the Navy plane was at, the fuel might be a little more volatile, but hardly enough to combust over a backyard bar-b-q.

    Why would I want to “laugh at myself” over this? I would imagine that there were warning light ALL OVER the “dashboard”. Pilots are trained to take things in priority order. First priority is to keep the plane in the air; the rest are secondary. Without the findings (even preliminary findings) of the accident, it is all speculation anyway.

    • Red

      Psst. The reply is on my comment, just in case you are following along…

      • Androgoth

        Hey watch it Red or else? 🙂 lol
        Andro XXx

        And DeYank
        Now where did I put my convo
        locator, ah yes there it is by the
        ejector seat manual for bozo’s 🙂

        Just kidding…
        I think that they did extremely
        well under the circumstances 🙂


      • fairy face

        Stop friggin backpeddling Androgoth lololol

      • Androgoth

        Hey it’s a trick I learnt whilst
        avoiding dumped jet fuel 🙂

        Androgoth Xx

  7. fairy face

    That’s ok lol as long as it’s underneath.

  8. At least he apologized. What else do you want him to do? Send friggin’ flowers? lol

  9. fairy face

    I’m surprised he had it in him to say anything at all. He was the one nearly needing the flowers. lol

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